My goal in life is to support and encourage others to expand their knowledge so that they can find their own way to a meaningful and fulfilling life

Zoli Bogdan

Digital enterpreneur

Why Obscura Living

Every one of us is seeking answers to several questions throughout our lifetime. The saying is true, living is a lifetime of learning. With Obscura, I refer to photography, which plays an important part in my life. I tell you later why is it so.
I don't know how are you with this, but I have spent many many years living in a way that despite all the good happened, still left me with some uncertain feeling that I could be capable of much more, I could live a life that is more full, but was lack of the answer for how.

We are distracted by everyday things, compliance at work, a lot of bills to pay, and we don’t even notice but days, months, years pass, and after a while, we get there that even though we feel good about our lives, we somehow lose our motivation, we lose our happiness and we can’t find our place. This leads to burnout for many of us, we start looking for new ways, or we just put up with what we live for. Whether good or bad. In photography, the first imaging device was called the camera obscura. This analogy led me to try to show how decisive and important our own vision is, our approach. It feels a bit like living inside the box and seeing another world through a small tiny hole that we suspect exists, but we’re not very involved in it. Why? Because we really think we have everything in the box here. But somehow it is not complete, yet we desire a fuller life. If you got here too, and you feel the same way, you're in the right place.

I walked the bumpy road of career building. Over the years, I’ve gotten into high positions, been a leader, built a team, tried everything, and experienced what it’s like to be part of the big system. In fact, there are good things, for a long time I felt like yes, everything works fine. Meanwhile, the family came, we went on the road together. Then after a while, I felt like I wanted to live differently though. I want more time in everyday life, I want to spend more time with my family, with my kids. I want to spend more time with other things besides work. And that’s the moment you realize you’re actually addicted to your work, your life, and the circumstances you create. Yes, exactly, that’s inside the box, since you’ve built this, and you might even have all the comforts. But after a while, you can’t resist the change. Not because it comes from outside and is a compulsion, not no. The demand, the desire for something else, is much more expressed in you.
This is a big dilemma and uncertainty. Many times you can feel that the number of hours is finite in one day, no more time. Our work is important because we make a living from it. Family is the most important. But still, something needs to change. I can help you with that. I went through the same thing.

First, you need a great conversation with Yourself. Honestly. You need to be able to articulate what is good in your life, what is not, what you want to change, and what you no longer want to do. It’s best to describe these things to yourself. But be honest with yourself. Just so you know what proportion you stand with.

So you get your own camera obscura in your hands too. Look around in your box and look at the world out there. Open the door and exit. Dare to change. Worth it.

Are you ready for the change?  

Here you can read about what were the bits and pieces to drive me to build a new lifestyle for my own

I personally reached a very good level of lifestyle, with a good job, with a nice income. The main reason was for me to change, that I had to sacrifice a big part of me, my time, and I lived only for the work. I simply wanted to regain control of my life and wanted to build a sort of life balance. That was not easy, as it is not easy for everyone before the change. I also wanted to create an alternative business that would solidly ensure another income stream. As I looked out from my own Obscura box, I longed to have an extended life that is not just about work, daily 9 to 5 rat race, and commute. Wanted to have the freedom of choosing what I want to work and what I want to do in my spare time. Yes, definitely wanted to live for the hobbies as well.

freedom lifestyle

When I started the change in the middle of 2020, my intention was purely to escape from the corporate world. I can tell you there is big freedom and joy when you realize you're not working for someone else in the rat race, but working for your own.

With the given freedom and experiences I made, I realized that I want to make a difference in other people's lives. I want to help them to achieve their own freedom and living outside their very own obscura box.


My Mom and Dad say I was always restless, but easygoing. I always had visions for the future, and still have. I worked hard all my life to have my ideas, visions come true. I believe in lifetime learning, I go this path. Actually, I really love it.

I started working as a programmer back in the last century. Yes, it wasn't today. In the millennium, I started working as an SAP consultant. I learned a lot of useful things, I learned to work in a multinational environment, to deliver and lead projects.

Since then, I have been working in the multinational world, my main field being IT management. I’ve always longed to have an area of my own where I can create beautiful and useful things. Yes, I think this is the best word to create ...

This led me to the idea of founding my own digital business. The main purpose is to build a variety of businesses and services I'm convinced I can contribute to others.

Here comes the fun part ... see why windsurfing is the best sport in the world .... 


Let me start with photography. My interest in photography started long ago when I spent my childhood with my grandparents. They were professional photographers as well as having a small shop. Since then photography is part of my life, for decades as a hobby, but recently turned into a professional path. I want to continue their professionalism and make photography in a way that makes people happy. I believe that a photographer is a visual storyteller, and transfers the story of the magical moments that are caught in the photographs. I work in this spirit and believe that even the smallest detail can have a special meaning. There is always some story beyond the visuals ...

I'm also passionate about playing the piano. During my younger years, I attended a music school. Since then I am a hobby piano player but recently started to learn jazz piano. I really enjoy it, and I have a dream to make a kind of jazz coffee bar where I can be the pianist.

I am passionate about photography, if you followed up my introduction, this is quite obvious by now. I also would like to share my knowledge I piled up in IT, I love playing the piano, and really passionate about windsurfing and sailing.


Inspiration is very important. I really love the philosophy from Robert Kiyosaki, he has several eye-opening thoughts, books, and videos.

I really like watching his videos, let me share my favorite one from him.

This is about the different mindsets. I have had this mindset battle in my head as well, hope that video from Robert helps you too.

How I built my startup businesses?  

Let me share examples I have built so far from my learnings

When I started to think about my own future, had several ideas that I wished to be realized. I haven't had the slightest idea how to start, how to progress with my ideas. To be honest I felt more lost than productive. That was the moment when I joined SFM.

I have spent my first month only with learning, watched all the videos by Jay and Stewart, and slowly but surely I started to feel more organized, more self-esteemed and less and less procrastinated.  I applied all the tips and tricks I have learned from them and started to build up a new daily routine.

As I went through the lessons, I did all the exercises and all the tasks that have been offered at the end of the videos. First I thought of doing it later, now let's see the next video, pick up the new theme.  But that was not the right approach. Mostly, because I am definitely a slow learner. I need time to chew a little bit on what I have seen or read. So doing the exercises allowed enough time to think about the actual topic, work on a little bit, write some thoughts, you know, basically just land it in your brain somehow.

After a month, when I had been through with my intensive learning period, I started to work on my ideas. The first was to build a web-designer site, where I can populate my business, my services.

The second I worked on was my photography business. Basically, I do a lot of photos, later on, I will establish a webshop within this niche.

Everything I do here is the fruit of my SFM learning and membership.